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cloth training pants

Choosing cloth training pants is an excellent compromise for several reasons. Training your child to use the toilet can be the least fun part of parenting as a whole. Some kids are easy to teach, responding quick to a reward system to ease themselves away from the diaper.

Yet, you are more likely to end up with a stubborn child who wants the security of a diaper for their accidents. Transitioning to underwear can help to motivate any child. But you may not be ready for the messes you need to clean them.


Same Texture as Regular Underwear

cloth training pantsMany companies produce cloth training pants. Designed with the same cut and fit of regular underwear. The only difference is the method of absorbency. A pair of training pants has a slip inside where an absorbent pad catches any accidents.

A diaper has to be expunged and replaced. These pants easy pulling down when your child wants to use the bathroom. And they are looking cute, aren’t they?

No Disposal Necessary

Cloth training pants remove the need to dispose of the pants once soiled. By using cloth instead of disposable pants, you need not to get a new pair every time your child soils the pad. Diapers can take up a lot of space in your bags when you go to places.

These pants are easy and discreet to carry for your child while you are out and about.

Pants With Waterproof Barrier

Even if the pad is completely soiled, you don’t have to worry about the mess breaking through the pants. Each pair of these training pants has a waterproof material in them. The barrier prevents any liquid from leaking out of your child’s pants. If the pad does not absorb all the liquid, you can wipe down the inner lining with a damp cloth. Or you can throw them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

Giving Your Child Confidence

cloth training pants

The key to successful training your child to use the toilet is by building up confidence. Transitioning from the diaper to the toilet can be difficult for a child. Even if they express interest.

Using training pants instead of a diaper shows your child that they are ready for the transition. But they still have protection during accidents. These pants are easy to use, and they help your child get used to the design of regular underwear.

Use a little perseverance. You can help your child transition from training pants to underwear in no time.


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