Portable Potty Seat – The 3 In 1 Potty – Reach A Diaper-Free Lifestyle

portable toilet seatMake toilet training a little easier for your child. Consider using a portable potty seat at home and while away from home.

You’ve done a lot of the hard work and potty training is now going well. To get things running smooth you’ve been staying home and it is been working. You’ve got a good system happening between the two of you. There have been relative few accidents in recent days. You’re even starting to feel like this potty training thing is no big deal.


Move beyond the safety of home

You wonder whether it is time to head out, to move beyond the safety of home. Yet, you know that potty training at home is very different to potty training in the big wide world. You are not sure how different and what to do to prepare yourself and educate your child on what to expect.

Because it is new and a bit intimidating, you can’t stay home forever. No, you can’t! Of course, it’s tempting to put them in pull ups so you won’t have to worry about any potential accidents. The only problem is that it is not sending your child the right message about the path ahead.

Your child needs to go more

portable potty seatYou know that your child can go for at least an hour between potty visits. So if you time it right you might be able to get there and back within the hour. Well, maybe. But bladders, especially children’s bladders, aren’t always like that. You know what it’s like when you get excited or nervous, you need to go to the bathroom more. Your child is like that too, only they can’t hold on like you can. So you may well find that your child needs to go more when they are out, not less.

When your child gets taller it is time to start transitioning them to a regular toilet, like the rest of the family. Even if your child grows, they may still have difficulties. It is not so easy balancing their body on the seat of a standard toilet.

Now it’s time for a portable toilet seat

At the beginning of toilet training, convincing your child to use the toilet for the first time can be a battle. Babies and toddlers used to having regular access to a diaper, which doesn’t involve having to sit down. A portable toilet seat has the shape to fit a smaller body. What makes it easier for your child to balance on the existing toilet.

By making your child comfortable on your toilet, makes it easier to relax. And use the toilet instead of the diaper. While a regular toilet seat may be too hard or wide to balance on, a portable potty seat alleviates that worry.

Portable Potty Seat – Makes Each Toilet Compatible

Whether you go to the supermarket or a relative’s house, it is likely you will encounter a variety of different toilet seats. Some seats are oblong, circle-shaped, wide, or narrow. However, you don’t want the shape of the new toilet seat to discourage your child from using the toilet. Rather than having an accident in their training pants or underwear.

As long as you use the portable potty seat at home as well, bring it along with you when you go somewhere else. There are foldable seats available, coming with a little bag to transport them. Which makes each toilet easily accessible for your child.

Portable Potty Seat – Easy Transition

Using a portable potty seat instead of a potty chair helps transition to the toilet. Even when they no longer need the extra support. Though a potty chair is good to use while your toddler is shorter. He will no longer be able to sit with comfort on it after he reaches a certain height. While the toilet may still be too high, using a potty seat helps to get comfortable.

portable potty seat

The 3 in one Potty – Multi-Functional Toilet Training Seat

I found a 3-in-one potty that practically ‘grows’ with your kid. A stand-alone potty. Where the toilet ring detaches from the stool and placed on your toilet. The bottom part is then utilized for a secure foot stool.

Encouragement and Confidence

Toilet training your kid can be a difficult and stressful time as a parent. Since very few public bathrooms cater to your child’s stature. The lack of accommodations can discourage you. So you are not going anywhere without putting your child in a diaper. Which damages the confidence of a child who is still learning.

By bringing along a portable seat, you give your child the confidence to use the toilet anywhere. Helping you to get one step closer to a diaper-free lifestyle.

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