Potty Training Regression And How to Work Successful Through It

potty training regressionThe potty training regression period does not happen to every child. But it is common enough that you should not worry.

When your child have mastered potty training is one of the most exciting experience. Mastering potty training means that you do not need to active worry about accidents. You can ditch the training underwear, and you can finally let go of the portable potty.

Sudden, your child starts to revert back to pre-potty training days. After all the work, you realize that something is wrong and the process has not been a complete success. Most experts deem this period “potty training regression.”

Here are some tips to help you work through regression so you can finally put away the potty.

Potty Training Regression – Accidents will happen

potty training regressionOne of the most common issues with regression. Many parents tend to think that their child is regressing. Sometimes, children have a few accidents in a week because of a particular discomfort or fear.

Keep your childs fears about potty training in mind. The loud flush of the toilet in a confined space might be frightening to your baby.

If they slip and their bottom touches the water in the toilet, that can be traumatizing. Up to the point that you will have to stop potty training for awhile.

Seeing something come out of them and then flushing down the toilet can even scare them. Remember their fears are real. Their minds don’t quite comprehend what is happening to them.

Use books, toys, videos and music all help create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment which is so essential.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, it is best to reach out to your child and discuss the matter.

Accidents will happen. It’s normal. Don’t make it out to be a big deal. Get them to help you clean up the mess and wait until next time to encourage them to use the potty. Overreacting to accidents will only lead to more accidents. On top set back your kids progress.

Make sure you dress your baby in clothes that are easy to manage. They may wait until it’s almost too late to make it to the potty, then because of the clothes fail. Again, that can discourage them and set back the progress.

Nude is the ultimate way to let your baby run around while potty training. If you are uncomfortable with that, then make sure they have as few snaps, zipper or buttons to deal with. Clothing that pulls up or down is the easiest type of clothing to dress your baby in while potty training.

If the cause of the accidents is not regression, then at least you can get to the root of the real problem.

Potty Training RegressionNever Let Frustration Show

potty training regressionIf your child is experiencing true regression. The key to getting through is to never show your frustration or be angry with your child. Parents who express negative feelings eventual cause more potty issues.

The alternative solution is to remain non-judgmental throughout the entire process. You should work on letting your child feel empowered. Feel confident, and happy about the whole process again. This way, they will be more likely to work though things instead of outright giving up.

Another thing to consider is, your baby may not want to change certain things. The fact that you have been changing their diaper and taking care of them may have them comfortable. It may make it difficult for them to begin taking care of themselves. This loss of intimacy is frightful to your baby. Your child may not become independent so easy. This is also normal.

Make sure in the beginning that you spend time with them to be close and intimate with them after potty time. So they don’t miss the time you spent with them when they were wearing diapers and you took care of them.

Potty Training RegressionFind The Root Cause

Sometimes, it helps to look for the root cause of the regression. Most children will open up about why they have stopped using the potty. Thus, it is helpful to have a discussion with your child. Talk about what they are thinking, feeling, and experiencing at that particular point.

By going through these motions, you can get a better sense of what the underlying cause is and how to remedy it. You should also keep in mind that regression could be medical issues, so check with your doctor – just in case.

Remind Your Child to Go

Last, gentle reminders that tell your child to visit the restroom. That can be immense helpful during the process. If your child is reluctant, then it may be ideal not to say anything. Guide your child to the restroom around the time that he or she would go.

By taking these steps, you and your child can overcome potty training once and for all.


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