Wiggle Seat – Wobble Cushion – Active Sitting For Kids

wiggle seatI came across an interesting article about a wobble cushion, which is great for kids, too.

The wiggle seat to calm your hyperactive child

A great school or home resource for children with or without special needs. In addition the wiggle cushion can be particularly effective for kids with ADHD.

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These wobble cushions are a fun method to boost their balance/ synchronization abilities. It can also be used for balancing exercises and to promote good posture.

Schools and kindergartens

regularly utilize stability cushions. As a help to assist kids with focus and also learning troubles to sit still as well as concentrate. Youngsters who utilize these wiggle seats fidget much less and also paying more attention in the classroom.

wiggle seat

One side features an anti-slip surface area and the opposite has several little elevated bumps.The little bumps are made to boost sensory receptors.  Because of the rounded shape of the wobble cushion, the kids must actively use their supporting muscles to remain stable.

Active sitting

Children can sit or stand on them as they pick. Also choose to utilize the smooth side or the distinctive side.

These cushions are excellent at motivating enhanced balance. In addition it encourage ‘active sitting’ for kids.